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In the Zone Brain LotusYour brain hums with electrical activity every moment of your life. Brain activity Is controlled by currents, chemicals and oscillations. Millions of neurons must fire in unison to produce even a trifling thought. Your electrical brain-waves operate at different frequencies or cycles per second = Hertz(Hz). Amplitude is the strength or power of the electrical impulse &  measured in micro-volts because the skull masks most measurable activity.

Obviously, the entire brain doesn’t pulse in time to one frequency, EEGs show that at any given time, the electrical patterns that your brain produces are made up from distinct wave forms ranging from 0.5 Hz or cycle per second up to 30 or more Hz.

Most of us need to know just a little about how our brain works and what are called brainwaves in order to utilise the mind states that flow from the combination of those brainwaves.
We really need a User Manual for the Brain a  course that covers getting into the Zone and how to stay in it and to show one just enough to know what is needed to excel plus some interesting  devices that rate highly on the WOW scale.

It iis helpful to turn the camera, microphone and speaker of the mind inwards  - the rewards that one can gain is considerable

What does it mean when we say we are in the “zone” and does it differ for:

  • An academic or student
  • An elderly citizen
  • A techno shaman technology fan
  • A new-ager or meditator
  • An office worker or manager

Each group need to know just enough to get where they need. There has been much hocus-pocus and untruths through the culture relating to “brainwaves” and the brain.

  • We only use 10% of our brain
  • When I have more coffee, guarana, stimulant etc. I remember better

Brainwaves and the frequency patterns and the brainwave states tat relate to brainwave patterns. Memory learning and change are all state dependent. One must try to access the state to which information as been laid down in.

It is natural to remember, but when one tries we can get in our own way. Stress, worry and lack of time when trying to remember form stress meaning our access to the natural memory function can shut down due to the hormones secreted and the higher brainwave frequencies forming due to stress.

Each group can do with a technological device or assistance. MindStore training introduces several really helpful tools, gadgets and devices to use to verify and quantify your state enough to see where you are as distinct from where you want to be.

What we also need to get clear is relationship between our brain frequencies and our “mind’s” state, and what we consider our mind to be – a ghost in the machine or an actual entity operating on top of or separate to our brain is in one sense immaterial, for one way or another we get into state – mind state.

Getting to there and staying we call mind state management and is key to the  pursuit of the zone and its relevance.

The difference between first second and third place is rarely solely physical and owes much to mental rehearsal and courting states

Simply when we change our brainwaves we change state, this is key to Zone training.
There are some quite incredible devices, which can quantify, and feed back to us what is happening beneath the bonnet  There are very affordable devices to sift brainwaves and states rapidly and effectively. Imagine you at a job interview, a board meeting, an exam, or just wised to sleep or dream. Each of the these states requires a specific frequencies of brainwaves.

There are always predominant brain-wave frequencies where most of these waves synchronise. Scientists measuring brain-waves waves discovered they were related to mind states. Brain-Waves have been divided into four predominant speed ranges, or frequencies that relate to mind and body states. Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta are simply the tendency for two oscillating waves to lock into phase.
Your brain is constantly being stimulated, and your neurons constantly fire, responding to stimulation, such as responding to the beat of music being listened to.
waveform Once your brain responds to a stimulation frequency for around 5-6 minutes continuously, it begins to synchronise and harmonise by generating the same rhythm on its own
Beta Brain-Waves
When you’re in beta state (which you normally are), it means that beta is the amplitude or strength of signal. and is associated with alertness
Your brain usually produces beta-waves when you think, make decisions and problem solve.
Beta waves help you to consciously function and focus on the outside world.. Beta waves increase in signal strength with stress and the highest frequencies in this range are often described as “fight/flight” mode and Beta waves reduce with muscular activity which is one reason why sport is good for the mind.
Beta operates between low Beta 13 to 18 (SMR) and high Beta that is 18 to 30 cycles or waves per second, known as Hertz and named after the scientist. (Hz)
alphaAlpha Brain-Waves

Alpha brain-waves are present during relaxation, daydreaming, imagination and visualisation. Alpha is the bridge between Beta and the Theta and Delta and between the conscious and subliminal mind. Alpha waves bridge your dream state to your waking state helping you to remember them. A weak alpha signal diminishes the link to your subliminal creative mind.. Alpha waves operate between 8 and 12 (Hz)

Theta Brain-Waves
Theta brain-waves are active during REM, deep meditation, the “a-ha” insight experience. Theta waves are the twilight zone between consciousness and drifting to sleep. Theta waves constitute the classic “Altered State”. Theta waves are the gateway to the subliminal mind. Your memories, emotions, creativity, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours originate in the theta frequency storehouse. Theta waves operate between 4.5 and 7.5 (Hz)
Delta Brain-Waves During deep dreamless sleep, and when your other brain-waves shut down, delta continues providing you with regenerative sleep. Delta brain-waves represent the unconscious mind and may be likened to your personal radar sending, seeking and receiving instinctive messages and creating empathy Delta signals operate between .5 and 4 (Hz).
The combination of these categories determines or underlies your state of consciousness at any given time
We have a finely woven, intricate interrelationship of brain-wave frequencies that delicately determines our states of consciousness.  The optimum brain-wave pattern for high performance creativity, insight and healing, is an intermix of all your different brain-waves simultaneously:
Beta waves to mentally process consciously and to focus your attention to the outside world
Alpha waves for relaxing and detaching from stress and for bridging Beta states with deeper states
Theta waves for REM, inventiveness, inspiration, insight, and spiritual awareness
Delta waves for deep sleep and our intuitive, empathetic radar
Your brain--waves combine to create your experiences. No one brain-wave level is better than any other; all your brain-waves work together to form your own brain-wave signature, creating your repertoire of mental, emotional, and spiritual states.

States are often trained out of us during childhood

  • Pay attention (Beta)
  • Don’t daydream (don’t produce Alpha)
  • You live in a fantasy world (theta)
  • You sleepy head (Delta)

Most messages sent to the young and sensitive child mind are aimed at increasing beta waves and reducing alpha, theta and delta waves. Adults are unconsciously encouraging those younger to adapt to their cultural trance and conform to the values of their particular society

While stress management is an essential foundation of effective performance in sport, the applications of traditional biofeedback (EMG, Temp, EDR) have been limited and perhaps most useful for demonstration of stress and tension outcomes. It has been only moderately useful in shaping the performance behavior toward excellence, primarily because of the obtrusiveness of equipment and sensors.

Mind Skills: Your mind and how, with skills, tools and training you can learn to control it a great deal


We don’t live in the world, we live in our minds


Let us remember. We never deal with reality per se, but rather with images of reality - that , with interpretations. While the number of potentially possible interpretations is very large, our world image permits us to see only one - and this therefore appears to be the only possible, reasonable and permitted view. Furthermore, this one interpretation also suggests one possible reasonable and permitted solution, and if we don't succeed at first, we try and try again - or, in other words, we resort to the recipe of doing more of the same.
-Watzlawick, P. The language of Change, 1978, p 119


Although this blog presents potentially life changing thoughts and concepts, you need to move within yourself to achieve any lasting effects in your life. If you do what you always do, you get what you always get.


Wherever you go, your mental baggage travels with you.


To achieve your goals, you need to address your current internal dialogue and wheel of accompanying thoughts and replace them with new positive models to enhance your life experience

Along came Neurofeedback

  • It has been established beyond doubt that mind machines, can produce the very same dramatic alterations in brain chemistry and in patterns of brainwave activity that are found in individuals spontaneously undergoing transpersonal experiences.
  • Sport psychologists and peak-achievement trainers are continuously seeking cutting edge methods of achieving the most expedient route to appropriate focus, and explosive power with efficient movement patterns, characteristic of high level performance sports and performances in music, dance, artistry, and more.
  • The neuroscientific breakthroughs of the last decade have established that given the proper type of stimulation, the ordinary human brain has exceptional powers and what we call normal consciousness is in fact a sort of sleep from which we awaken to enter peak states.
  • And, as the neuroscientific research has made clear, these extra-normal powers are result of quantifiable changes in the patterns of the brain. We've all had the experience of shifting into a heightened state - insight, creativity, learning - a state whereby our ordinary state is a deep sleep compared to this rich emergence.
  • This is how we should be all the time. Sleep is a fine state, but who would choose to spend their entire life in the most comfortable bed?
  • Most of us would like to be in this high-efficiency state as often as possible. In fact, it has become clear that humans are genetically programmed to seek out these altered, awakened states. I believe, and recent evidence supports my belief, that a Key to human evolution, to our species' rapid growth in brain size, and to our unique creative capacities, has been our instinctive drive to experience these metanormal or exceptional realms of consciousness and performance.

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