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The PSiO Mind-Booster optimises your mind's  capabilities! PSIO is audiovisual stimulation glasses, earphones & high-tech electronics  utilising MP3 sounds  synchronising  light & sound (AVS Audio Visual Stim)

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The PSIO is a light therapy device equipped with an MP3 player.

PSIO “Harmony” is the solution to ensure a return to equilibrium and guide you step by step to a state of well-being and harmony.

Clinically tested for over 20 years in French and Belgian hospitals, the PSIO helps you rapidly and effectively to feel good in your body, without any danger nor side effect!

Mode of action

  • Light therapy
  • Peace of mind

How does it work ?

The voices and music contained in the PSiO induce the body and the mind to attain a state of deep relaxation as the light stimulations stop the incessant flow of thoughts. Attention begins to float, then you are put at complete rest, on the border of sleep (see research "mapping" alpha). This technique induces a sense of total well-being.

A very energizing and revitalizing condition!

Furthermore, stimulation by light compensates for the lack of sunlight and has a proven “light therapy" effect (see «melatonin" study).

From these two combined modes of action, the PSIO has quick and measurable results which are felt from the first session!




What technology in the PSiO ?

  • Relaxation therapy (by voices)
  • Ericksonian suggestion (by voice)
  • Light therapy
  • Audio visual stimulation Technique


Letting go or photosensitivity

It is important to note that depending on the sensitivity of personal users, the PSIO can be used with pulsed or continuous light stimulation sessions.


In addition to a light therapy effect, the pulsed mode causes the user’s attention to move into a state of radical rest while the continuous mode has a light therapy effect only. Special sessions are available for people called “sensitive" with continuous colored lights.



Fatigue management and optimization of intellectual effort

Fatigue management and optimization of intellectual effort

The PSiO technology causes the user’s attention to move into a state of radical rest thanks to an uninterrupted flow of sounds and lights. It maintains the mind in a twilight state, at the edge of sleep. This state has been known for over half a century for its effect on memorization, information management and integration, thus for the rapid recovery of all intellectual functions.

How to use the PSIO?

The PSiO puts the analytical mind at rest (a form of meditative state induced passively) and thereby optimizes the intellectual functions which will be required after the session (for any intellectual work). The PSIO is the best way to make a recovery break in turbo mode or nap in the evening to continue to perform well throughout the evening. When the need arises, short sessions of 3 to 5 minutes, which are generally colorized MUSIC tracks, will be used for breaks throughout the day. Longer sessions in the Performance section supplemented by audio “beats" will be preferred starting from 5pm and during the evening.


Rhythms and colors define the effects

Sessions will have specific effects depending on the rhythms and lights that are used. In short, scientific studies have shown, for example, that :

  • Fast rhythms and/or blue light (at a specific wavelength) stimulate and improve IQ
  • Slow pace and red light are soothing and relaxing

Revolution for the mind

It's simple to use and the fact that it is totally harmless has made it a product available to anyone who wishes to recover healthily without medicine or tranquillizers/stimulants, in other words, to recover naturally. To stimulate or relax the mind, the PSIO technology (unlike pharmaceutical and/or illegal drugs) uses ONLY sound rhythms and colored light. Backed by scientific studies, we can say that the PSIO is a revolution and a genuine alternative to optimize intellectual capacities. It is, in fact, the only known technique in the world that has no side effects and that can compete, in whole or in part, with drugs in this field.


What are the best indications ?

  • Fatigue / Asthenia / Overwork
  • Attention
  • Deficit Hyperactivity / Excessive nervousness
  • Concentration problems

The EEG mapping shows that after 10 minutes of PSIO stimulations, the wave of relaxation (alpha) spreads out in almost all of the brain : see "Alpha Waves"

A study of 80 students aged between 18 to 25 showed that, on some specific programs, the PSIO inhibits the hormone associated with sleep : see "Melatonin"

A German study has also shown that the use of blue light (similar to that emitted by the PSIO) increases the IQ of 5 point : see "IQ Blue"


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