The iLightz II

MindStore introduces iLightz II the advanced next-Gen, iPod, iPhone Light & Sound device!

The iLightz AVS Brainwave Entrainer App is the most advanced and user friendly app to transform your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch into a state of the art light and sound machine.
By utilizing the power of Apple’s iOS, we have been able to simplify the user interface while delivering new exciting features and producing the best AVS system to date.
The iLightz App can function on its own to layer psychoacoustic sounds with your audio files, making it a powerful audio stimulation device on its own.
With the addition of our state of the art visual stimulators your Apple device becomes an AVS Device from the future. 
The iLightz App comes with the same powerful programs from the iLightz I which cover all of the brain states as well as new programs written to focus the mind and increase attention span.
These programs can get you started with AVS regardless of your experience level, but for the more advanced users there is also a manual mode which allows you to design a program on the fly which focuses on the frequencies and stimulation that are most effective for you. Because our app uses your Apple device, we have designed it to allow layering of your own audio files to make the experience more personal.
Listen to your favorite song while de-stressing or use your hypnosis tapes with theta state entrainment to increase their effectiveness.
The iLightz II App also has built in audioscapes like thunderstorms, waves, and heartbeats all of which layer over one another.
The iLightz II system distills our over 22 years of AVS experience into the most advanced, easy to use and affordable mind machine on the market today.
The system approaches the issues inherent to AVS in a revolutionary way, by building a system on software rather than hardware, and incorporating wireless technology.
All of these features work together to provide the most personal and effective AVS experience available today.
Download the App and experience the future of AVS.
Ear Gearz are out to set a new standard for headphones, offering the highest levels of comfort, audio quality and value.

  • Ear Gearz give full spectrum sound (18Hz-20KHz @ 106dB from 32Ω 40mm drivers) using Bluetooth technology.
  • Connect to your phone, your computer, or even your car with Ear Gearz Headphones
  • Wireless headphones; expanded battery life, Ear Gearz up to 100 hours of active pared time
  • Charging is a breeze and takes place even while using headphones in wired config.
  • Ear Gearz are comfortable, with foam padding along the adjustable headband.
  • These headphones also collapse down for easy transportation in a bag or purse.
  • Multifunction keys allow you to control volume, start/stop, playback, and call answering.
  • Ear Gearz are extremely affordable.

Pick up your Ear Gearz, your ears will thank you!

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Manufacturer Mind-Gear
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Length 30.0000 CM
Width 25.0000 CM
Height 9.0000 CM
Weight 0.7000 KG
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