MindStore mind brain wellness products are designed to access mind state management &  brainwave entrainment affordably to help you improve your life and reach your potential, at an affordable price.

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Biofeedback Tools

Biofeedback Tools (5)

Mind Body Training

  • Biofeedback & Neurofeedback (EEG Biofeedback) can self-regulate brainwaves, heart rate and emotions, & states like stress, relaxation & productivity
  • Biofeedback is like an electronic therapist, monitoring your stress /relaxation level for target mind states & health
  • Biofeedback displays bioelectrical signals of the body and brain, via skin electricity, on a device or computer screen in the form of a game
  • Learning biofeedback effectively; control stress, achieve relaxation, increase productivity and deal with the stress symptoms of daily life
  • Biofeedback's detects mental and bodily functions more precisely than you might alone
  • Biofeedback trains control over normally unconscious, automatic reactions for an overall healthier life

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SOTA | Wellness Protocol

SOTA | Wellness Protocol (1)

SOTA personal Devices

Beck Protocol is an alternative healthy practice of wellness that includes micro-currents, ozonated water, colloidal silver, and magneto currents. It is administered through specialist equipment and was designed Robert C. Beck, D.Sc.

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Light&Sound | Tools|AVS

Light&Sound | Tools|AVS (15)

Light & Sound relaxation devices

An AVS (Audio Visual Stimulation) system, Light and Sound Relaxation system or a "Mind Machine" is a microprocessor controlled device designed to create recreation or other mood changing effects through the use of sound and light stimulation.

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