Full Spectrum Lights

Everybody knows how we feel on bright sunny days compared to moods swings on dark grey days. Full Spectrum (FS) lights emulate sunlight wavelengths needed for peak health. FS light ranges the electromagnetic spectrum from IR; infrared to near UV - frequencies for all plant/ animal life


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FS | Energy Savers

FS | Energy Savers (3)

An energy-saving lamp with the full colour spectrum of sunlight. Economic and design-wise alternative to the conventional low-consumption lamps designed to have healthful advantages in respect to performance, visibility and well-being.

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FS | LED | Halogen

FS | LED | Halogen (6)

There are good reasons to install full-spectrumLED lights: their colour spectrum resembles that of the sun to 98%. This means continuous and harmonious colour replication as well as optimal shadow formation.

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FS | Tubes

FS | Tubes (3)

The  vital element & need influencing our psyche & health is light. When daylight is dull Viva-Lite® full spectrum tubes  create bright, balanced full spectrum light. Full spectrum (FS) high-output (4 X units) tube-lights simulate natural daylight indoors, great for all plants & living creatures.

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FS|Daylights|Light-Baths (5)

Hi-output hi-lumen! These light baths put out approx. 2000w of sunlight without UVC &  low wattage (only 300w power) Full Spectrum fittings perfect for Viva-Lite Full Spectrum Tubes.

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