InTheZone Training

InTheZone Training

Brainwave Training coming soon...

Download modular training that is matched to  Biofeedback & Neurocog devices - for sports, management & meditation training & finding ones marbles. Audio-Visual training to take you from beginner to expert promoting understanding of the latest Brainwave Science.If you don’t like your experience, then change it! Always manage Your Mind State - it's one element you DO have a great deal of control over, as Mind State Managment builds self-credibility

Brainwave Training

Brainwave Training

EEG & biofeedback devices & gadgets for home users

An intricate interrelationship of brainwave frequencies determines our consciousness states. Intentionally entering the most beneficial states for a given circumstance by altering power & frequency of brainwaves in both hemispheres is intrinsic to self-mastery. 

FullSpectrum Light

FullSpectrum Light

Full Spectrum Lighting

Lifestyles have changed tremendously in 100 years; previously people worked 90% outside - natural light exposure was common. Today work is mostly indoors, W double glazing proliferating & less than 10% time spent outdoors, missing daily sunlight doses. We evolved millions of years under sunlight. We feel bright on sunny days W moods swings on dark days.Full Spectrum lighting emulates beneficial sunlight wavelengths necessary for peak health, replicating sun-spectrum; infrared through to near-UV - wavelengths…

SOTA Protocol Products

SOTA Protocol Products

SOTA Wellness devices

SOTA products: offer the benefits of Micro-pulsing, Colloidal silver, Pulsed Magnetic fields, Ozonated water, light for health & harmonic frequencies. The Silver Pulser, Magnetic Pulser, Water Ozonator, Bio Tuner and LightWorks

Light & Sound relax Devices

Light & Sound relax Devices

Fast effective MindState change; sleep, relax, meditate

Light and Sound devices built have one purpose - allowing you to alter states by the brains ability to follow a frequency (FFR). Audio-visual frequencies via headphones and light glasses deliver sound & light pulses that coach brainwave pathways to a target mind state &  subduing mind chatter/brain static. This effects  on-demand, rapid, optimised mind-states. Light & Sound device  categories; meditation, Sport Zones, relaxation, focus, learning, sleep, etc. last between five minutes and an hour.

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More... FS Energy Savers    

FS Energy Savers

An energy-saving lamp with the full colour spectrum of sunlight. Economic and design-wise alternative to the conventional low-consumption lamps designed to have healthful advantages in respect to performance, visibility and well-being.

More... FS Daylights & Light-Baths    

FS Daylights & Light-Baths

These Sun Baths, are Hi-output hi-lumen, low wattage Full Spectrum fittings with Viva-Lite T5 tubes.Great for dosing in winter, for aquariums, Avery Birds, Plants, Animal areas, garages, workshops, Parking structures, warehouses, and schools

More... Air Purifiers Ionic    

Air Purifiers Ionic

Can remove contaminants from  air -  beneficial to allergy sufferers & asthmatics helping reduce / eliminate passive tobacco smoke and odours. Helps one remain alert in a car via  by reversing the electrical charge just as do thunderstorms and lightning - (ionisatio)

More... Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers    

Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers

A humidifier is a household appliance that increases humidity (moisture) in a single room or in the entire house. Low humidity environments can cause fatigue, blocked/stuffy nose, dry skin, sore throats, sinus congestion, and other respiratory disorders. Dry air can also dry out furniture, wood…

More... Kitchen Wellness    

Kitchen Wellness

Mindstore aims to have the best wellness products for your kitchen, work and home.

More... EEG & Neurosky Tools    

EEG & Neurosky Tools

Always manage Your Mind State Your mind’s state of is one element you DO have a great deal of control over The pictures, words and emotions you mentally form in your experience are your own, but sometimes when they work against us, renewing your mental…

More... SOTA Wellness Protocol    

SOTA Wellness Protocol

SOTA personal Devices Beck Protocol is an alternative healthy practice of wellness that includes micro-currents, ozonated water, colloidal silver, and magneto currents. It is administered through specialist equipment

More... Biofeedback Tools    

Biofeedback Tools

Whether you are seeking to create or to learn, what you need to do first is get your mind into state! 
Although electrical brainwaves are a naturally occurring state we have only recently become able to effect their change.Biofeedback is like an electronic therapist, monitoring…

More... Light & Sound Tools|AVS    

Light & Sound Tools|AVS

Light & Sound relaxation devices An AVS (Audio Visual Stimulation) system, Light and Sound Relaxation system or a "Mind Machine" is a microprocessor controlled device designed to create recreation or other mood changing effects through the use of sound and light stimulation.

More... Sleep Lucid & Dreaming Devices    

Sleep Lucid & Dreaming Devices

Serious Sleep?The kind of sleep that lets you seize the day & makes you want to seize the world. Mindstore's range of devices Devices like: iPillow, play relaxing tunes or  seasound into a comfy pillow w Hi-fidelity flexi speakers from your smartphone, CD  or stereo…

More... Massage    


Massage Massage is the manipulation of superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue to enhance function, aid in the healing process, and promote relaxation and well-being.

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PSIO Mind Booster Light and Sound Device AVS

Staff Picks

PSIO Mind Booster Light and Sound Device AVS

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Brainwave Starter Kit  Neurosky

Mindstore Articles

  • Getting in the Zone
    Your brain hums with electrical activity every moment of your life. Brain activity Is controlled by currents, chemicals and oscillations. Millions of neurons must fire in unison to produce even a trifling thought. Your electrical brain-waves operate at different frequencies or cycles per second = Hertz(Hz). Amplitude is the strength or power of the electrical impulse &  measured in micro-volts because the skull masks most measurable activity.

Sleep | Lucid Dreaming | Devices

Rem Dreamer Pro Lucid Dreaming Device Lucidity Institute, states you can train for control within your dreams. REM Dreaming devices aid via Infra-red signal detect rapid eye movements (REM) at the onset of dreaming & red LEDs pulse in a sleepmask pulse on your eyes & folds into your dream - having previously trained yourself to recognise this pulse within dreaming, you can then begin to dream consciously.

Although we are not usually explicitly aware of the fact that we are dreaming while we are dreaming, at times a remarkable exception occurs, and we become conscious enough to realize that we are dreaming.

"Lucid" dreamers (the term derives from van Eeden, 1913) report being able to freely remember the circumstances of waking life, to think clearly, and to act deliberately upon reflection, all while experiencing a dream world that seems vividly real (Green, 1968; LaBerge, 1985; Gackenbach & LaBerge, 1988). This is all in contrast to the usual past characterization of dreams as typically lacking any reflective awareness or true volition (Rechtschaffen, 1978).
Lucid dreaming is normally a rare experience. Though most people report having had a lucid dream at least once in their lives, only about 20% of the population reports having lucid dreams once a month or more (Snyder & Gackenbach, 1988).

One essential phase of sleep called the rapid-eye-movement (REM) phase is where most dreams occur. Humans and lab animals that have been deprived of REM sleep exhibit bizarre and often psychotic behavior.

Researchers have found that your REM dream state is predominantly the alpha and theta brainwave states (4 to 7 cycles per second and 7 to 14 cycles per second respectively).
Dreams are ordinarily spontaneous and representative of subconscious meanderings. They can also be a psychological release of tension.

Since dreams are often veiled in symbolism, it's important to record your dreams and periodically review them to acquaint yourself with any interpretive parallels happening in your life. After interpreting your own subconscious symbolism, dreams can open themselves up to a personal enjoyment instead of a perplexing experience.
The term lucid dreaming describes the experience of consciously recognizing during a dream that you are dreaming. By involving your conscious awareness in a subconscious activity, you can learn to control the content of your dream and its course of action. The more mindful and fully conscious you are in your normal waking state, the easier it will be for you to master the lucid dreaming state.
Dreams to a lucid dreamer are more vivid than simple visualizations. Objects and people appear to be and feel solid, and the dreamer is often able to converse intelligently with his own dream characters.

Lucid dreamers can create or eliminate characters and items within the dream by simply wanting to do so. In dreams, you can even levitate or fly. So if you're ever in doubt of your dream state, try flying as a test.

A Malaysian tribe called the Senoi revolves much of its culture around dreams. At an early age, parents question their children closely about their dreams. The children are taught early how to control their dreams and to bring about beneficial outcomes. By consciously manipulating their subconscious dreams, the Senoi manifest positive results in the waking world and resolve their daily problems more readily.

One technique to achieving a lucid dream state is to ask yourself the question, "Is this a dream?" or "Am I dreaming?" 10 to 20 times just before falling asleep.

The conscious repetitiveness of the question will eventually be submerged into the subconscious dream state. Reflecting cognitively upon such a question in the dream state will result in some form of conscious intervention and awareness, and hence a lucid dream state will be achieved.

As a variation of the former method, simply count and affirm just before retiring, "I am dreaming, One" -- "I am dreaming, Two" and so on. Attending to the counting process keeps your conscious awareness vigilant to what you intend to do. For those people who tend to fall asleep rapidly, this method can have you counting straight into dreamland.

Another method is to reiterate over and over to yourself just before going to sleep, "I am going to sleep now. I know that I will be dreaming. I will recognize that I am dreaming when I am dreaming. Tonight, I will be consciously aware of my dream. I will remember what I dream in full conscious detail."

You can also use a stimulus response link. For instance just before going to sleep, look at your hand while reiterating to yourself over and over, "When I see my hand in my dream, I will know I am dreaming." One researcher used with great success a mild electric shock to signal subject dreamers they were dreaming.

Any of these techniques may initiate a flood of colors, images, sounds and thoughts. If you begin thinking in abstract ways, it usually indicates the right brain is taking over and the left brain is becoming idle. Just continue observing and the sounds and images will eventually evolve into a 3-dimensional dream that you can consciously explore, change and learn from.

For recurring nightmares or fearful dreams, intensely visualize yourself actively in a more preferred scenario just before falling asleep.

Imagine yourself initiating actions in the manner that is most beneficial to you so that the stage is set for the subconscious to rerun the same play in your favor. Combine your visualization with the suggestion that you are in control of your dream and that there is nothing to fear. Eventually your imagery process will merge into a dream process and positive results will be achieved.

Using the above techniques will produce an ability to achieve lucid dreaming in 4 to 5 weeks or less. After achieving a lucid dream state, act only as a casual observer at first or the condition might quickly dissipate into wakefulness.

Slowly integrate into your dreams volitional control and alterations, and soon full dream mastery will be achieved. If you avoid whimsical notions, you can design purposeful meaning to your dreams and achieve in the dream state that which you want in the real world.

If you want positive episodes to happen in the real world, you can now create dreams about them first.

There is a right to left brain shift during the night after 45 minutes; then a left to right shift after another 45 minutes. Consequently, every 90 minutes, there is a storm of neuronal activity in the right brain as it goes into its REM dream cycle for several minutes. Not surprisingly, the same brain cycle follows throughout the day as well.
Ever notice how sometimes you're more prone to daydreaming while reading than at other times?

Daydreaming often occurs spontaneously throughout the day and is also subconsciously oriented. This “in the back of the mind” imaging sometimes guides your thought patterns toward a preoccupation into negative thinking. Since daydreams are more easily interrupted, practice observing them when they occur. Then interject your conscious influence over the flow and outcome of the daydreams by directing them into a more positive result.
If daydreams are too elusive to manage, begin with conjured up visualizations that you can create for yourself. 

You can also take advantage of the 45-minute brain shift cycle by practicing your visualization exercises during right brain period.

Research has shown that lucid dreamers are more likely than non-lucid dreamers to have dreams that are positive, successful or filled with good fortune.

It makes sense, doesn't it? If you can control the flow and outcome of your dream, why would you want a negative dream?

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