InTheZone Training

InTheZone Training

Brainwave Training coming soon...

Download modular training that is matched to  Biofeedback & Neurocog devices - for sports, management & meditation training & finding ones marbles. Audio-Visual training to take you from beginner to expert promoting understanding of the latest Brainwave Science.If you don’t like your experience, then change it! Always manage Your Mind State - it's one element you DO have a great deal of control over, as Mind State Managment builds self-credibility

Brainwave Training

Brainwave Training

EEG & biofeedback devices & gadgets for home users

An intricate interrelationship of brainwave frequencies determines our consciousness states. Intentionally entering the most beneficial states for a given circumstance by altering power & frequency of brainwaves in both hemispheres is intrinsic to self-mastery. 

FullSpectrum Light

FullSpectrum Light

Full Spectrum Lighting

Lifestyles have changed tremendously in 100 years; previously people worked 90% outside - natural light exposure was common. Today work is mostly indoors, W double glazing proliferating & less than 10% time spent outdoors, missing daily sunlight doses. We evolved millions of years under sunlight. We feel bright on sunny days W moods swings on dark days.Full Spectrum lighting emulates beneficial sunlight wavelengths necessary for peak health, replicating sun-spectrum; infrared through to near-UV - wavelengths…

SOTA Protocol Products

SOTA Protocol Products

SOTA Wellness devices

SOTA products: offer the benefits of Micro-pulsing, Colloidal silver, Pulsed Magnetic fields, Ozonated water, light for health & harmonic frequencies. The Silver Pulser, Magnetic Pulser, Water Ozonator, Bio Tuner and LightWorks

Light & Sound relax Devices

Light & Sound relax Devices

Fast effective MindState change; sleep, relax, meditate

Light and Sound devices built have one purpose - allowing you to alter states by the brains ability to follow a frequency (FFR). Audio-visual frequencies via headphones and light glasses deliver sound & light pulses that coach brainwave pathways to a target mind state &  subduing mind chatter/brain static. This effects  on-demand, rapid, optimised mind-states. Light & Sound device  categories; meditation, Sport Zones, relaxation, focus, learning, sleep, etc. last between five minutes and an hour.

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More... FS Energy Savers    

FS Energy Savers

An energy-saving lamp with the full colour spectrum of sunlight. Economic and design-wise alternative to the conventional low-consumption lamps designed to have healthful advantages in respect to performance, visibility and well-being.

More... FS Daylights & Light-Baths    

FS Daylights & Light-Baths

These Sun Baths, are Hi-output hi-lumen, low wattage Full Spectrum fittings with Viva-Lite T5 tubes.Great for dosing in winter, for aquariums, Avery Birds, Plants, Animal areas, garages, workshops, Parking structures, warehouses, and schools

More... Air Purifiers Ionic    

Air Purifiers Ionic

Can remove contaminants from  air -  beneficial to allergy sufferers & asthmatics helping reduce / eliminate passive tobacco smoke and odours. Helps one remain alert in a car via  by reversing the electrical charge just as do thunderstorms and lightning - (ionisatio)

More... Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers    

Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers

A humidifier is a household appliance that increases humidity (moisture) in a single room or in the entire house. Low humidity environments can cause fatigue, blocked/stuffy nose, dry skin, sore throats, sinus congestion, and other respiratory disorders. Dry air can also dry out furniture, wood…

More... Kitchen Wellness    

Kitchen Wellness

Mindstore aims to have the best wellness products for your kitchen, work and home.

More... EEG & Neurosky Tools    

EEG & Neurosky Tools

Always manage Your Mind State Your mind’s state of is one element you DO have a great deal of control over The pictures, words and emotions you mentally form in your experience are your own, but sometimes when they work against us, renewing your mental…

More... SOTA Wellness Protocol    

SOTA Wellness Protocol

SOTA personal Devices Beck Protocol is an alternative healthy practice of wellness that includes micro-currents, ozonated water, colloidal silver, and magneto currents. It is administered through specialist equipment

More... Biofeedback Tools    

Biofeedback Tools

Whether you are seeking to create or to learn, what you need to do first is get your mind into state! 
Although electrical brainwaves are a naturally occurring state we have only recently become able to effect their change.Biofeedback is like an electronic therapist, monitoring…

More... Light & Sound Tools|AVS    

Light & Sound Tools|AVS

Light & Sound relaxation devices An AVS (Audio Visual Stimulation) system, Light and Sound Relaxation system or a "Mind Machine" is a microprocessor controlled device designed to create recreation or other mood changing effects through the use of sound and light stimulation.

More... Sleep Lucid & Dreaming Devices    

Sleep Lucid & Dreaming Devices

Serious Sleep?The kind of sleep that lets you seize the day & makes you want to seize the world. Mindstore's range of devices Devices like: iPillow, play relaxing tunes or  seasound into a comfy pillow w Hi-fidelity flexi speakers from your smartphone, CD  or stereo…

More... Massage    


Massage Massage is the manipulation of superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue to enhance function, aid in the healing process, and promote relaxation and well-being.

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PSIO Mind Booster Light and Sound Device AVS

Staff Picks

PSIO Mind Booster Light and Sound Device AVS

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iLightz II | Next-Gen | Light&Sound

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Brainwave Starter Kit  Neurosky

Mindstore Articles

  • Getting in the Zone
    Your brain hums with electrical activity every moment of your life. Brain activity Is controlled by currents, chemicals and oscillations. Millions of neurons must fire in unison to produce even a trifling thought. Your electrical brain-waves operate at different frequencies or cycles per second = Hertz(Hz). Amplitude is the strength or power of the electrical impulse &  measured in micro-volts because the skull masks most measurable activity.

Brainwave Training

Brain TrainingAn intricate interrelationship of brainwave frequencies determines our consciousness states. Intentionally entering the most beneficial states for a given circumstance by altering power & frequency of brainwaves in both hemispheres is intrinsic to self-mastery. 


  • Biofeedback & Neurofeedback (EEG Biofeedback) can self-regulate brainwaves, heart rate and emotions, & states like stress, relaxation & productivity
  • Biofeedback is like an electronic therapist, monitoring your stress /relaxation level for target mind states & health
  • Biofeedback displays bioelectrical signals of the body and brain, via skin electricity, on a device or computer screen in the form of a game
  • Learning biofeedback effectively; control stress, achieve relaxation, increase productivity and deal with the stress symptoms of daily life
  • Biofeedback's detects mental and bodily functions more precisely than you might alone
  • Biofeedback trains control over normally unconscious, automatic reactions for an overall healthier life

Always manage Your Mind State

Your mind’s state of is one element you DO have a great deal of control over. Although the pictures, words and emotions you mentally form are your own they can they work against us - renewing your mental imagery can help one regain a sense of control.

Your life is more likely to succeed when you begin to see your life’s success potential and your ability to understand why you do what you do ….  Your behaviour and actions
When you DO talk to yourself, be sure to change your inner voice from a reprimanding one to one that instructs you that “Things will work out big time”, PATIENTLY!

Actively self-managing your coming success and effectiveness - If your mind’s eye create a sense of powerless, hopeless, “same as usual” perhaps it’s time to begin to struggle against them - to find a success ending instead of a failure ending for them.

Managing your mind = manage your body.

  • If you’re overweight, it is effective to take action to fix that – NOW!
  •  Your body image directly affects your self-esteem and this affects your output.
  • Pain reduces your effectiveness drains the energy you need to give out to others, so they can feed back to you! Get it?
Manage Your Mind State 
  • Learn to manage your own mind-state before you try to manage others’.
  • Sometimes moving away from a mental pain shot can helps shift you towards a positive future.hy of life?
Cut out the dotted line you view & frame life through 
  • You look at “stuff” from your own limiting historical point of view - your perspective.
  •  Your present disaster, when viewed from another’s frame might be a massive opportunity for change and growth.
  •  Reframing is taking lemons out of your current perspective, and perceiving the lemonade that you hadn’t noticed.
  •  Then; squeeze lemons, add sugar and filter.

People who learn to control inner experience will be able to determine the quality of their lives, which is as close as any of us can come to being happy. (Csikszentmihalyi, 1990, p.2)
Mind State Management

You’re sitting on top of a vast planet of neuronal connections; your mind’s habits and the quality of your everyday experiences are directly connected. 
Most of us live our lives in a small room within the mansion of our own mind, yet few of us ever venture beyond the room of limiting mental processes, personal identity and repetitive mental tapes.

The brain demands 30% of the body’s oxygen, an estimated …% of our daily-required nutrients to run effectively, even when we are sleeping it is an exceedingly busy organ; millions of neurons must fire in unison to provide even the most trifling of thoughts. A recent discovery revealed that the brain forms a million new connections every second.
Yet how much of this capacity is geared towards maximizing the best possible outcomes for yourself and others.
It’s apparent that we are not naturally conditioned to manage our own mind
Generally allow our mind’s flow of thoughts, emotions and memories to just run on and on as if no one “were at home” or running the show. Imagine allowing a business to run itself in this manner, you’d likely go broke! What’s more, our mental content is much of the time, highly negative. If we spoke to our friends and loved ones on the outside, the way we mentally self-talk to ourselves on the inside they might feel crushed.
It’s odd that we recognise a lack of mental restraint in our children, friends and colleagues yet mostly don’t recognise the connection between a mental discipline and the progress and outcome of our lives.
Given that the brain is very busy – how much time do you spend using it in a way to enhance your own experience and that of others?
Your wandering mind can become focused and regulated to enhance your life experience. One potential downside is that if you don’t mind manage then others who have focused and regulated their mind might use your mind to their own advantage.
In one sense your thoughts are who you are, but they also represent who you might become in your wildest dreams
Just as we go to the gym to tone and beautify our bodies, it makes sense to train our mind into good shape and just as muscle needs regular workouts to last, the same applies to mental “muscle”.
It stands to reason that in order to promote a better working Mind and Brain you support it with effective nutrition.

The thoughts we have produce results particularly those you think repeatedly. Deep beliefs & values drive those thoughts.

  • Mind State Management makes sense: entraining your mind, your natural software, mental wetware and our socializing, negotiating people-ware.
  • Mind state management works for anyone who’s ever experienced creative block and it’s a must if you want to bookmark that peak experience state.
  • Mind state focus is a learned skill and habit, where you match your mind state to the job at hand. By reducing outer distraction your attention turns inwards

Having new software is no guarantee for excellence or creativity, its what you do with it, and it’s the same with your mind!
People often take great care setting up their workspace, arranging pens on the desktop, the tilt of the LCD screen, position of the graphic tablet, the angle of your chair to the correct balance between comfort and focus. Similarly its important to access the appropriate mind state or zone when creating, learning and imagining.
But just how do we access that specific mind position or stance?

Developing skills for your and your mind
Just as your train your body for fitness, information overload results in loss of control and knowledge without wisdom. It makes sense to also adopt mental fitness and training - Your can’t help others till you hope yourself

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